GWT TestCase

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The StockWatcher Example testing:

Now more, on the GWTTestCase

C:\a\go16\StockWatcher> junitCreator -junit  "C:\JAVA\eclipse-ganymede\eclipse\p
lugins\org.junit_3.8.2.v20080602-1318\junit.jar" -module
tockwatcher.StockWatcher -eclipse StockWatcher
Created directory C:\a\go16\StockWatcher\test
Created directory C:\a\go16\StockWatcher\test\com\google\gwt\sample\stockwatcher
Created file C:\a\go16\StockWatcher\test\com\google\gwt\sample\stockwatcher\clie
Created file C:\a\go16\StockWatcher\StockWatcherTest-hosted.launch
Created file C:\a\go16\StockWatcher\StockWatcherTest-web.launch
Created file C:\a\go16\StockWatcher\StockWatcherTest-hosted.cmd
Created file C:\a\go16\StockWatcher\StockWatcherTest-web.cmd

Under Java Build path , click the source tab, add the test folder for the project.
Run -> Run Configurations


VMargs -Dgwt.args=”-out www-test” -Xmx256M

click “Advanced” button in “Classpath” tab and manually add test folder “Stockwatcher\test” in the User Entries.


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Google’s Stockwatcher Example App Engine Trials

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