History and Place

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A nice high level overview that defines PLACE :

“if the user has navigated to a particular place within page, they reasonably expect they can bookmark the current URL and return back to that page with that URL and the page will look similar to the point at which they bookmarked it.”

How to avoid hardcoding a PLACE

The biggest deficiency is that the page’s “place” is fully determined inside a particular UI Component. If the page was enhanced such that the page’s “place was represented by multiple UI Components, things could get messy… it will be really cumbersome if some other Presenter needs to participate in determining the current place in the application.

By having the Contact Detail UI Component know what the Contact List UI Component put in the URL string, it starts coupling the two components together and it becomes harder to have Contact Details UI Component as a standalone, reusable UI Component.

 Using History To Navigate between pages [part2]

GWT History [with places]

App Controller and the Place Manager [1]

  • The AppController: it looks like it does higher-level, app-wide event management.
  • PlaceManager : links tokens from the History path to specific Places, and vice versa. A Presenter will inject the Place for another Presenter, and call ‘reveal()’ or a specific ‘reveal()’ overload with more details.

 gwt-presenter upgrade with places

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Nested Presenters Framework GWTP UI Binder

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